eCard Solutions are New Zealand’s leading gift card and pre-paid card company.

We’re in the business of smart thinking and thoughtful gifting – for givers, receivers, and retailers.

As industry leaders in gift card and pre-paid card programmes, eCard Solutions are the experts in card design, management and reporting.

We’ve been around since electronic gift cards first hit the New Zealand market, and it’s fair to say the world has changed a bit since 2006. It’s also fair to say we’ve worked hard to change with it.

Across 14 years in the industry, we’ve developed a proven platform that’s continually optimised for outstanding performance in today’s changing retail and payments environment.


A track record of success

Through ongoing innovation, we’ve earned a strong reputation for success and enjoy making ‘industry firsts’ happen.

For example:

  • We started the first nationwide gift card programme and gift card registry for a shopping centre group that has 900 participating retailers.
  • We developed the first mobile marketing programme that used SMS vouchers to drive product trials, increase foot traffic, raise awareness of sales, and grow customer loyalty.
  • We designed and ran a gift card programme for a national trade association that included approximately 350 retailer members.
  • We established a gift card wedding registry for a brand leader in the travel industry.
  • We created the first multi-pass prepaid card programme for a group of popular Auckland-based tourist attractions.
  • We were the first to supply environmentally friendly card products to the New Zealand market.

Why choose us?

We offer a diverse range of products and strive to find the solution that will best fit each individual customer’s needs. We’re eftpos terminal and switch agnostic so there is no problem if you change suppliers – but we do care for the environment (and so do our recyclable and biodegradable product options). We make it our mission to deliver flexibility and control – so you can make the decisions and manage the outcomes (with our help, of course).

With a singular focus and a national presence, we work alongside leading NZ-based advertising agencies to provide effective promotional tools.

Above all, our team loves to be challenged – so bring your most ambitious business goals, and we’ll bring our most creative thinking.

Gift Card Programmes

Unwrap a huge variety of benefits with our gift card programmes – from customer acquisition to upselling opportunities. Our cards are simple to use, easy to manage, and typically boost sales while increasing the number of store visits per customer. They serve as mini brand advertisements – both at the point of sale and in customer wallets – and can be topped up and re-used over and over again.

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