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Our popular, convenient electronic gift card programs are at the leading edge of gift voucher and loyalty solutions worldwide.

Essential Gift Card Systems and Pre-Paid Card Solutions

We’ve built our business with one goal in mind: building your business

When it comes to cards, it’s the thought that counts – and over 14+ years in the industry, we’ve put an incredible amount of time and care into creating the ideal gift card system. From initial design and card manufacturing through to strategy, management and reporting, we’re committed to delivering the best possible gift card or pre-paid card solution to meet your business needs.

Why Choose eCard Solutions

A gift for your business


Compatible with all point-of-sale systems, our infrastructure processes transactions quickly, reliably and securely. We have our own dedicated connections with each of the three transaction switches in New Zealand – EFTPOS New Zealand, Paymark and Windcave – plus numerous layers of security and backup services.


From pre-pay to savings clubs to memberships and gift cards, we cover the full spectrum of card programs. But where we really stand out? Creating a solution with your specific business goals in mind.


Affordable and effective, gift cards and pre-paid card systems deliver a variety of cost and time savings while bringing in additional revenue and new customers. It’s an option you can’t afford not to consider!


We’ll help you plan, produce and perfect your gift card programme – from initial programme design through to reporting and card manufacturing. With support available 24/7 from our New Zealand-based call centre, we’re available to assist you at any time.


Our smart, user-friendly platform has been refined over 14 years in the industry. We’ve adapted to numerous technological shifts, and we’re always looking to improve our offering and continue leading the field.

We have also developed an environmentally friendly recyclable card product that is proving extremely popular to businesses that have a focus on sustainability. Click here for more information


Whether you’re a small independent retailer, a national trade association, franchise operation or a shopping centre group our platform will help you drive sales and retain your existing customers. As you grow and your needs change, our service will shift to suit your new requirements.

Gift Card Programmes

Gift cards are a creative, cost-effective way of doing two vital things at once – acquiring new customers and retaining existing ones. They boost sales, bump up store traffic, and never need to be exchanged. Once you experience the ease and advantages of a brilliant gift card programme, you’ll never want to swap it for anything else either.

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